Because right now I'm going for a functional translation over an elegant one, I'm using the following rules for translation.

Current Translation Rules In UseEdit

  • If two items are in conflict, the item that has an existing Unite translation will keep it, and the other item will get a new translation.
  • New items will not use the Unite character limit to ease reading.
    • Heavy Ceanataur Shell over HvyCeanataurShl
  • Adjectives go in front of the name. The only exception is for items using G or 上, in which case + will be added to the end of the name.
    • Heavy Ceanataur Shell instead of Ceanataur Heavy Shell.
  • In certain cases, a noun will be changed instead of adding an adjective, according to the Unite translation over literal translation.
    • 黒狼鳥の甲殻 as Garuga Shell, and 黒狼鳥の堅殻 as Garuga Carapace, despite the fact that 甲殻 means "armored shell" and 堅殻 means "hard shell"

--diphen 18:37, October 6, 2009 (UTC)