MHFO Trial Quest Guide by Kaedechtu

Urgent QuestEdit

For future reference, before anyone asks what the rank up urgents are and where are they located. The "Guild Master" carries these quests... short dude smoking a blunt on the desk.

HR10-11 kill a (大名蟹) (ダイミョウザザミ) Daimyo Hermitaur

HR16-17 kill a ドドブランゴ Blangonga

HR30-31 kill a シェンガオレン

HR40-41 kill a ヤマツカミ

HR50-51 kill a ミラボレアス


There is a different process for HR99-999.

HR99-100 kill a リオレイア solo/any rank

HR199-200 kill a リオレウス solo/any rank

HR299-300 kill a ディアブロス solo/any rank

HR399-400 kill a キリン solo/any rank

HR499-500 kill a ナナ・テスカトレ solo/any rank

HR599-600 kill a クシャルダオラ solo/any rank

HR699-700 kill an HR71 アカムトルム solo

HR799-800 kill a HR51 black fatakis solo

HR899-900 kill a HR81 crimson fatalis

HR999- kill a HR91 white fatalis solo

As mentioned earlier, I will edit this later... for now go on and experiment.