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Character SelectEdit

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Game InterfaceEdit

Game interface

Game interface can be divided into four parts, the following detailed description of each:

- season and time The way words and the clock, season and time corresponding to the free task. Characteristics of each season are as follows:

Breeding season: the season of climate stability, can go all the hunting locations (indicated in green).
Warm period: the most hot season temperatures, can not enter the desert (in yellow).
Cold stage: the most cold season temperature, can not enter the snow (water in blue).

Another Place in Major Bordeaux variety of festivals, the clock on the right will appear in yellow text shows the name of the festival. Ceremony will be implemented the following effects:
House ceremony ingredients: the ingredients to increase housing types of goods.
House ceremony blending: blending housing types of goods increased.
Festival: ingredients housing, blending house, general store merchandise categories increased, half sold.

Main MenuEdit


Normal S Recov S
Pierce S Poison S
Pellet S Para S
Crag S Sleep S
Clust S

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