English Name: Bulldrome
Nicknames: Snowey Bull
Titles: The Mountain Roughrider
The Roaring King Reckless
Bulldrome Hunter
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Chinese Name: {{{Chinese name}}}
Korean Name:
Romaji: Dosufango
Japanese Title: Big Wild Boar
Type of Monster: Pelagus
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The powerful leaders of the wild boars known for its huge tusks. More aggressive than a bullfango, it is known to to rush in to a battle, and is extremely proficient when locating an enemy.


Attack Description How Often? Evasive Manuever Counter-Attack Damage
Charge Bulldrome will scrape his leg on the ground about 2-3 times and charges at you. Very often Dodge to the left or right away from the line of the attack. Hit him at the sides or from behind when he stops. Medium-High
Quick-Charge Bulldrome charges at you immediately. Very often Dodge to the left or right away from the line of the attack. Hit him at the sides or from behind when he stops. Medium-High
Head shrug Bulldrome shrugs his head wildly causing damage to anyone around his body. Sometimes Move away from his body, try not to be near him for too long. Hit him on the sides or from behind. Medium-High


A large and relatively common species of Primatius. Bulldrome are the large adult versions of the lesser creatures known as Bullfango. Technically, both large males and females can be considered Bulldrome, but often the name refers to males of the species, as their tusks are often much larger than females.

Habitat RangeEdit

Bulldrome appear to inhabit nearly every type of environment in Minegarde. From the Snowy mountains to the Sea of Trees, Bulldrome have adapted well to almost every type of terrain nature has thown at them. The only areas where Bulldrome are not seen is the deserts and volcanic regions, presumably the intense heat and lack of vegitation deter the creatures.

Ecological NicheEdit

Bulldrome are large herbivores. They spend their days grazing on a numerous kinds of vegitation, but favor mushrooms. Bulldrome have fewer predators than most large herbivores, thanks to their stubborn and aggressive nature. However, they can still easily become prey for large wyverns or even carapaceons, namely Shogun Ceantaur. They breed somewhat rapidly, often raising litters in excess of 8 young. Sadly, mortality for young is high, as they are easy prey or creatures such as Velociprey, and must be watched by their mothers at all times, though there have been frequent sightings of Bullfango's, the lesser species of Bulldrome, In small packs accompanied by a dominant male Bulldrome attacking various Prey species.

Biological AdaptationsEdit

Bulldrome posses thick, course fur that insulates the creature from cold environments. This fur also acts as a buffer, hopefully preventing the creature from taking severe damage from a large wyverns firebreath. Bulldrome are extremely strong creatures, able to easily outrun hunters. This aids the creature greatly during its blind, charging attacks. Bulldrome's most recognized feature is its two large tusks. These are the result of a long health life. Bulldrome tusks will grow constantly, and will be likewise worn down by the creature as it ruts and grazes. Bulldrome's tusks are often used to intimadate other males, as well as impress females.


Bulldrome are not the most intelligent creatures, but they are some of the most aggressive. They will often attack anything that moves, even on occasion, Bullfango. Small Bullfango herds are often lead by a single large male Bulldrome. This rough and tough leader is charged with defending the group from attacks. On rare occasions, Bulldrome have been seen staring down large wyvern such as Rathalos. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, Bulldrome will appear as solitary creatures. This is especially common in the snowy mountains. A probable theory is that this lone Bulldrome was formerly a herd leader, who lost his title to a younger male and was consequently banished from the herd.

Statistics Edit

General Information and Item Effectiveness Edit

# of Carves 3x Body
Flash Bomb ×
Sonic Bomb ×
Pitfall Trap ×
Shock Trap
Meat ×
Roar -
Wind -
Quake -

Health and Attack Edit

  Health Attack Multiplier Defense Multiplier
Lower Tier 750~1500 0.8~1.2 1.0~0.8
Upper Tier 1800~2400 1.7~3.0 0.8~0.7

Damage Type / Elemental Weaknesses Edit

Lower Tier, Upper Tier, HR100+, TrainingEdit

Area Slashing Blunt Projectile Fire Water Lightning Dragon Ice Faint Stagger
Body 80 70 80 50 50 120 10 40 150 120

Variants Edit

Area Slashing Blunt Projectile Fire Water Lightning Dragon Ice Faint Stagger
Body 20 20 15 -10 -10 -15 -20 -10 250 120

Status Effect Resistances Edit

Status Effect Initial Threshold Increment Maximum Duration Damage Taken
Poison 30 30 150 90s 10dmg/5s
Paralysis 150 0 150 20s -
Sleep 30 0 30 30s -
Faint 150 0 150 15s -

Break/Shiny Drops Edit

Break Location Requirements
None --

Drop Rates Edit

Habits Edit

Attacks Edit

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Migration Patterns Edit

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Strategies Edit

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